Introduction to blocaled

blocaled is an implementation of the org.freedesktop.locale1 D-Bus protocol, which normally comes with systemd. It is needed by the GNOME desktop.

This package is known to build and work properly using an LFS 12.1 platform.

Package Information

blocaled Dependencies


Polkit-124 and libdaemon-0.14

Installation of blocaled

Install blocaled by running the following commands:

./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc &&

To test the results, issue: make check.

Now, as the root user:

make install

Configuring blocaled

Config Files


Configuration Information

/etc/blocaled.conf contains the location of the settings files used by blocaled. The defaults are suitable for BLFS. Information about the entries is available as comments in the file.

The org.freedesktop.locale1 protocol is unable to export locale variables. Locale settings are stored by default in /etc/locale.conf. We need to retrieve them in the bash profile. As the root user, issue:

cat > /etc/profile.d/ << "EOF"
# Begin /etc/profile.d/

if [ -r /etc/locale.conf ]; then source /etc/locale.conf; fi

if [ -n "$LANG" ];              then export LANG; fi
if [ -n "$LC_TYPE" ];           then export LC_TYPE; fi
if [ -n "$LC_NUMERIC" ];        then export LC_NUMERIC; fi
if [ -n "$LC_TIME" ];           then export LC_TIME; fi
if [ -n "$LC_COLLATE" ];        then export LC_COLLATE; fi
if [ -n "$LC_MONETARY" ];       then export LC_MONETARY; fi
if [ -n "$LC_MESSAGES" ];       then export LC_MESSAGES; fi
if [ -n "$LC_PAPER" ];          then export LC_PAPER; fi
if [ -n "$LC_NAME" ];           then export LC_NAME; fi
if [ -n "$LC_ADDRESS" ];        then export LC_ADDRESS; fi
if [ -n "$LC_TELEPHONE" ];      then export LC_TELEPHONE; fi
if [ -n "$LC_MEASUREMENT" ];    then export LC_MEASUREMENT; fi
if [ -n "$LC_IDENTIFICATION" ]; then export LC_IDENTIFICATION; fi

# End /etc/profile.d/

Then the /etc/locale file should be generated, as the root user:

cat > /etc/locale.conf << EOF
# Begin /etc/locale.conf


# End /etc/locale.conf

If you plan to run an X (or Wayland) Window system, you may want to set up your X keyboard. The best way to do it is to retrieve the settings from /etc/sysconfig/console, and feed them to the blocaled daemon. As the root user:

source /etc/sysconfig/console &&
KEYMAP=${KEYMAP:-us}          &&

gdbus call --system                                             \
           --dest org.freedesktop.locale1                       \
           --object-path /org/freedesktop/locale1               \
           --method org.freedesktop.locale1.SetVConsoleKeyboard \
           "$KEYMAP" "$KEYMAP_CORRECTIONS" true true

This should create or modify the Xorg configuration file (default is /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/30-keyboard.conf) to match the keyboard settings set in KEYMAP.


Installed Program: blocaled (in /usr/libexec)
Installed Library: None
Installed Directory: /usr/share/blocaled

Short Descriptions


is the daemon implementing the org.freedesktop.locale1 D-Bus protocol