Introduction to Libdv

The Quasar DV Codec (libdv) is a software CODEC for DV video, the encoding format used by most digital camcorders. It can be used to copy videos from camcorders using a firewire (IEEE 1394) connection.



Development versions of BLFS may not build or run some packages properly if dependencies have been updated since the most recent stable versions of the book.

Package Information

Libdv Dependencies


popt-1.19, SDL-1.2.15, and a graphical environment

User Notes:

Installation of Libdv

Install libdv by running the following commands:

./configure --prefix=/usr \
            --disable-xv \
            --disable-static &&

This package does not come with a test suite.

Now, as the root user:

make install &&
install -v -m755 -d      /usr/share/doc/libdv-1.0.0 &&
install -v -m644 README* /usr/share/doc/libdv-1.0.0

Command Explanations

--disable-xv: This parameter is required if an X Window System is not installed. It also prevents configure testing for libXv which is only used for an obsolete program playdv that will not be built with current linux headers and would also need other obsolete dependencies.

--disable-static: This switch prevents installation of static versions of the libraries.


Installed Programs: dubdv, dvconnect, and encodedv
Installed Library:
Installed Directories: /usr/include/libdv and /usr/share/doc/libdv-1.0.0

Short Descriptions


inserts audio into a digital video stream


is a small utility to send or capture raw data from and to the camcorder


encodes a series of images to a digital video stream

provides functions for programs interacting with the Quasar DV CODEC