Introduction to Gedit

The Gedit package contains a lightweight UTF-8 text editor for the GNOME Desktop.



Development versions of BLFS may not build or run some packages properly if LFS or dependencies have been updated since the most recent stable versions of the books.

Package Information

Gedit Dependencies


gsettings-desktop-schemas-45.0, itstool-2.0.7, libpeas-1.36.0, libgeditsourceview-299.0.4, and tepl-6.8.0



GTK-Doc-1.33.2, Vala-0.56.14, and zeitgeist

Installation of Gedit

First change the script so that it can accept a release build.

sed -i s/plain/release/

Install Gedit by running the following commands:

mkdir gedit-build &&
cd    gedit-build &&

meson setup --prefix=/usr       \
            --buildtype=release \
            -Dgtk_doc=false     \
            .. &&

To test the results, issue: ninja test.

Now, as the root user:

ninja install


If you installed the package to your system using a DESTDIR method, /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/gschemas.compiled was not updated/created. Create (or update) the file using the following command as the root user:

glib-compile-schemas /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas

Command Explanations

-Dgtk_doc=false: This switch disables generating the API documentation. Omit this switch if you have GTK-Doc-1.33.2 installed and wish to generate the API documentation.


Installed Program: gedit
Installed Libraries:
Installed Directories: /usr/include/gedit-46 and /usr/{lib,share,share/help/*}/gedit

Short Descriptions


is a lightweight text editor integrated with the GNOME Desktop