1.2. What's new since the last release



During a development cycle of LFS, the instructions in the book is often modified to adapt for a package update or take the advantage of new features from updated packages. Mixing up the instructions of different versions of the LFS book can cause subtle breakages. This kind of issue is generally a result from reusing some script created for a prior LFS release. Such a reuse is strongly discouraged. If you are reusing scripts for a prior LFS release for any reason, you'll need to be very careful to update the scripts to match current version of the LFS book.

In the 11.4 release, --disable-fixincludes is set for GCC. It's a configure switch newly added in GCC 13.1 to prevent GCC from fixing the system headers. Such a fix is unnecessary for a modern Linux system and may cause issues if a package is updated after installing GCC.

Here is a list of the packages updated since the previous release of LFS.

Upgraded to: