Mounting the new partition

Now that we have created a file system, it is ready for use. All we have to do to be able to access the partition (as in reading data from and writing data to) is mount it. If it is mounted under /mnt/lfs, this partition can be accessed by cd'ing to the /mnt/lfs directory. This book will assume that the partition was mounted under /mnt/lfs. It doesn't matter which directory is chosen, just make sure you remember what you chose.

Create the /mnt/lfs directory by running:

mkdir -p /mnt/lfs

Now mount the LFS partition by running:

mount /dev/xxx /mnt/lfs

Replace "xxx" by the partition's designation (like hda11).

This directory (/mnt/lfs) is the $LFS variable you have read about earlier. If you were planning to make use of the $LFS environment variable, export LFS=/mnt/lfs has to be executed now.