BLFS Security Advisories

BLFS used to keep details of Security Vulnerabilities in the Errata, mostly updating them to point to the latest version in the development book and updating the brief text if a subsequent vulnerability was reported.

Now they are being shown individually with more details. Please note that vulnerabilities to package versions before those in our release are not noted, so if you are running a version of BLFS before 10.0 you should check the Errata for past releases as well as monitoring the items here, and similarly if you are not on the current release you should check the advisories for the previous release(s).

The advisories for BLFS-12.1 up until BLFS-12.2 is released are at BLFS-12.1

The advisories for BLFS-12.0 up until BLFS-12.1 was released are at BLFS-12.0

The advisories for BLFS-11.3 up until BLFS-12.0 was released are at BLFS-11.3

The advisories for BLFS-11.2 up until BLFS-11.3 was released are at BLFS-11.2

The advisories for BLFS-11.1 up until BLFS-11.2 was released are at BLFS-11.1

The advisories for BLFS-11.0 up until BLFS-11.1 was released are at BLFS-11.0

The advisories for BLFS-10.1 up until BLFS-11.0 was released are at BLFS-10.1

The advisories for BLFS-10.0 up until BLFS-10.1 was released are at BLFS-10.0

A consolidated list of LFS and BLFS advisories since the release of LFS-10.0 and BLFS-10.0 can be found at consolidated.html