Chapter 3. Packages that need to be downloaded

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Packages that need to be downloaded


Below is a list of all the packages that are needed to download for building the basic system. The version numbers printed correspond to versions of the software that is known to work and which this book is based on. If you experience problems which you can't solve yourself, then please download the version that is assumed in this book (in case you downloaded a newer version).

If the server isn't allowing connections anymore try one of our mirror sites. The addresses of the mirror sites can be found in Chapter 1 - Book Version

We have provided a list of official download sites of the packages below in Appendix C - Official download locations . The LFS FTP archive only contains the versions of packages that are recommended for use in this book. You can check the official sites in Appendix C to determin whether a newer package is available. If you do download a newer package, we would appreciate hearing whether you were able to install the package using this book's instructions or not.

Please note that all files downloaded from the LFS FTP archive are files compressed with bzip2 instead of gz. If you don't know how to handle bz2 files, check out Chapter 2 - How to install the software.

The following list is current as of April 2nd, 2001