Chapter 6. Installing basic system software

Table of Contents
About debugging symbols
Creating $LFS/root/.bash_profile
Entering the chroot'ed environment
Installing Glibc
Creating devices
Installing Man-pages
Installing Ed
Installing Patch
Installing Findutils
Installing Mawk
Installing Ncurses
Installing Vim
Installing GCC
Installing Bison
Installing Less
Installing Groff
Installing Man
Installing Perl
Installing M4
Installing Texinfo
Installing Autoconf
Installing Automake
Installing Bash
Installing Flex
Installing File
Installing Libtool
Installing Bin86
Installing Binutils
Installing Bzip2
Installing Gettext
Installing Kbd
Installing Diffutils
Installing E2fsprogs
Installing Fileutils
Installing Grep
Installing Gzip
Installing Lilo
Installing Make
Installing Modutils
Installing Procinfo
Installing Procps
Installing Psmisc
Installing Sed
Installing Shellutils
Installing Shadowpwd
Installing Sysklogd
Installing Sysvinit
Installing Tar
Installing Textutils
Installing Utillinux
Configuring essential software


The installation of all the software is pretty straightforward and you will probably think it's so much easier and shorter to give the generic installation instructions for each package and only explain how to install something if a certain package requires an alternate installation method. Although I agree on that, I choose to give the full instructions for each and every package. This is simply to avoid any possible confusion and errors.